Clearfield County


Clearfield County sits in between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, around Punxsutawney. The county spans over 1000 square miles and encompasses several towns and cities, including DuBois. As of the 2010 census, Clearfield County’s expansive domain had a total population of 81,642. Clearfield engulfs both metropolitan and rural areas, making both a natural and cosmopolitan hotspot with various successful industries.




Clearfield County was founded in the year 1804 by the second governor of Pennsylvania, Thomas McKean. The county was formed from parts of Huntington and Lycoming counties, and the name most likely was taken from the surrounding valley of Clearfield, formerly home to bison herds and the cornfields of Native American tribes.


Clearfield maintained its status as a hotbed for natural industries. From the late 19th century into the early 20th century, lumber and coal were its main exports. The Susquehanna Riverbed, to the other side of Clearfield, served as means to transport lumber through 1917. Coal remains a major resource and export in Clearfield to this day.


Things to do in Clearfield County

Clearfield is a beautiful area with many attractions, natural and metropolitan. Some of the ways you can spend time in the area are to:

  • Visit the Grice Clearfield Community Museum. It pays tribute to the booming automobile industry of the past with a collection of rare cars, including a 50s Cadillac Convertible and Ford Model T.  
  • Grab a glass to drink at the Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery. With wine tours and tastings, the possibilities are endless! Enjoy the beauty of the trail itself, as well.


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