Clinton County is an outdoor enthusiasts’ playground located in north-central Pennsylvania. This beautiful county is sandwiched between Erie and Philadelphia, with over a three-hour drive to each city. You’ll find there’s something for everyone from camping and fishing to hiking and snowmobiling. There’s also a number of natural areas, parks, and state game lands.

As of July 2017, Clinton County was home to 38,998 residents with a median property value of $119,500 and a median household income of $47,163. Founded in 1839, Clinton County was named after the seventh governor of New York, Dewitt Clinton. The county was created from parts of Centre and Lycoming counties. It’s also the home of Lock Haven University.

Interesting Fact: There is a public school district called Jersey Shore.

Fun Things to Do in Clinton County

Don’t let its location fool you, there’s a lot to do in this small county, including:

1. Piper Aviation Museum – Explore the history of the Piper Aircraft company. You’ll learn the important contributions this company has made to aviation along with flight demonstrations and family activities.

2. Millbrook Playhouse – Enjoy live theater in an intimate setting. This theater is one of a limited number of barn-style theaters that offers professional summer productions.

3. Woolrich Store – For over 170 years, this store (outlet) has operated in the oldest operational textile mill in the county. You’ll find great prices on sports gear, outerwear, accessories and more.


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Clinton County is home to numerous major companies, such as Keystone Central School District, First Quality Products Inc., Faber Burner Company, Susquehanna Health System and City of Lock Haven. The Clinton County Historical Society features prized collections, including American Indian artifacts and World War I memorabilia. And for train buffs, you’ll find a restored train station that houses an art gallery and a restored, vintage caboose that’s available for overnight rentals. From its natural beauty and growing economy, Clinton County is a hidden Pennsylvania gem.

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