Saffren & Weinberg are proud to have served clients all across the state, including those in the beautiful Cumberland County. Initially settled in by Scottish and Irish immigrants in the 1730’s, it was not until the start of 1750 that Cumberland County was formed from Lancaster County. Named after Cumberland, England, it is located in the county seat of Carlisle and lies within the Cumberland Valley, adjourning the Susquehanna River. Cumberland County is home to six higher education facilities including Central Pennsylvania CollegeDickinson CollegeMessiah CollegePenn State Dickinson School of Law, and the U.S. Army War College.  

Cumberland County is home to one of the oldest houses of worship in PA, the Middle Spring Presbyterian Church, built by settlers in 1738. The two oldest towns in the county are Carlisle and Shippensburg, Shippensburg being home to Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, one of the 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  


Cumberland County claims nine public school districts throughout the county as well as forty-two private schools ranging in ages from pre-k students to high school seniors. The county has eleven boroughs and twenty-two towns throughout its 550 square mile radius. 545 square miles of the county is made of land while only 4.8 square miles is water.  


The attorneys at Saffren & Weinberg want to work with the residents of Cumberland County due to their passion for education and dedication for service. The United States Army War College, the U.S. Army’s most senior military educational institution with a military post dating back to the 1770’s. This location caters to many high-level personnel and civilians and prepares them for strategic leadership and responsibilities. 


Who You Are: 

According to the United States Census Bureau, you are one of the roughly 213,674 residents in Cumberland County. You are a hardworking and dedicated person of the Cumberland Community, the wealthiest Pennsylvania county outside of the greater Philadelphia area. This shows in part to the low unemployment rate of 7.7 percent as of March 2018.  


What We Can Do for You: 

Should you find yourself in an accident where you are injured and need of legal assistance, we can and will help you.  

If you are an employee at the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania who was injured in the classroom and is experiencing difficulty in teaching due to your injuries, we can help. 

If you are an avid Penn State football fan who was injured at a tailgate, we can help you. 

If you were injured on your way to work due to the driver’s negligence, regardless of where you work, we can help at any moment. 

We respect and value your time immensely and strive to ensure all of your legal needs are adequately met. The attorneys at Saffren & Weinberg can help you regarding your workers’ compensation, automobile accident claims, personal injuries, property damage claims, medical malpractice suits, and more. Contact us today for your free consultation at 215-576-0100. You will receive the right legal advice and get the best settlement you deserve in a timely manner.  


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