Welcome to “Happy Valley,” the largest borough in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania located in Centre County, State College. Home to the well-known Pennsylvania State University, State College is the largest settlement in Centre County. Back in 1855 when Pennsylvania State College was founded as the Farmer’s High School of Pennsylvania, the area of State College was merely a village.

To serve the needs of the growing institution, the village started transforming into a town, and State College was incorporated as a borough on August 29, 1896. Pennsylvania State University was officially renamed in 1953.

The area today is predominantly ruled economically and demographically by University Park, the campus of Pennsylvania State University. The Borough of State College holds about 42,000 residents with about 9,224 people per square mile. The mean travel time to work is almost 17 minutes, where most inhabitants use a car as their primary means of transportation.  

The term “Happy Valley” was given from the town’s standing during the Great Depression when the financial hardships were sheltered in this area and fell on the rest of the country.


Things to Do in Happy Valley


  • The State Theatre: See a show for all ages at the local non-profit community theatre varying in film, dance, and music productions.
  • Tussey Mountain Amphitheatre: The resort for all outdoor entertainment! Open all seasons, at this unique venue you can ski and skate in the winter, ride go-karts and go fishing in the spring, and golf in the summer! No matter the season there is always an activity for fun and entertainment.
  • Bald Eagle State Park: This 5,900-acre state park is home to Bald Eagle Mountain, surrounded by forests and wetlands. Attend a walking tour or swim in the 1,200-foot-long sand and turf beach.
  • Hiawatha Paddlewheel Riverboat: Cruise down the Susquehanna River in one of the most popular attractions in Central Pennsylvania! Enjoy a public tour on the boat or take part in one of the themed nights such as the brunch cruise, family night cruise, the craft beer cruise, and more!
  • Penn State Golf Courses: Enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon being catered to while playing an 18-hole game of golf on this beautiful golf course.
  • Federal Taphouse: Be surrounded by craft beer and great American food in this favorite beer garden. Either join us at the inside bar and dining room, outside on the patio or book a special event with us in our private dining room during your stay!



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