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We are able to continue to provide you with the same level of legal service.

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Our Results Speak Volumes

Settlement Awarded $2.5 Million

Saffren and Weinberg attained settlement of 2.5 million for an individual who sustained major injuries as a result of mold exposure

Settlement Awarded $1.6 Million

1.6 Million awarded for a client that was burned to death in a health care facility

Settlement Awarded $1 Million

Saffren and Weinberg attained settlement of 1 Million for a client who suffered significant spinal injuries from a fall in a grocery store

Settlement Awarded $600,000

Estate of a client who was struck and killed by drunk driver who was served by a bar

Settlement Awarded $120,000

Attained settlement for 120k injuries in a fall down a case that took place at a shopping mall after prior counsel declined from representation

Settlement Awarded $380,000

Settlement awarded on behalf of sanitation employee who suffered a severe shoulder injury which required surgery after slipping on an oily driveway. Jeff Schaffer resolved the case in mediation.

Settlement Awarded $150,000

Client sustained severe injury when she tripped over a cracked concrete stair at her local grocery store. The judge ruled that defendant acted negligently and should have repaired the step prior to the client's fall.

Settlement Awarded $238,000

Plaintiff sustained an injury to the spinal cord when her vehicle was struck by a passing vehicle. The court ruled that defendant acted recklessly, was at fault for the collision, and awarded the client 238,000 in the settlement.



We all hear about lawyers who fight for the clients to get them justice due to someone else’s negligence. But what does it really mean to get them justice?

Does it mean getting a cash settlement? Or getting the denied workers’ compensation claim overturned? Lawyers in the big law firms brag about their track record at getting the best settlements. But what about the process? What about what goes on during the case?

Let’s face it when people need a lawyer, it’s because of a problem that has cost them their money, time, and health. Getting a resolution to the problem in a timely manner will restore a client’s faith in the legal system and provide peace of mind for being able to take care of their family through the trial, and years after it.


People choose a law firm based on the law firm’s reputation and its fees. What is equally important is the client’s voice being heard in the courtroom. It is their lawyer’s job to get their client’s voice heard not just in their testimony but in the facts of the case and how it affects them and their family.

Also, the lawyer must consider how the case affects the client’s family, especially if there are young children. They need to know that their loved ones will be okay and that doing what is right is paramount. It is easy for lawyers to get caught up in a case due to the media and the potential for a record-breaking settlement.

The first responsibility is to the client and to make sure those at fault are punished and to ensure the client’s rights are upheld.


Some cases involve practice areas a law firm may or may not have experience with. Some lawyers have corporate law expertise, while others focus on auto accidents. At Saffren & Weinberg, our legal team comprises experienced attorneys who are well versed in numerous practice areas. They know Pennsylvania and New Jersey laws, so you can get the settlement you deserve no matter what type of case you have or what state you live in.

Ken Saffren

Ken Saffren is a partner in the law firm of Saffren & Weinberg and practices in the areas of workers’ compensation, social security, and personal injury litigation

Marc Weinberg

Marc Weinberg is a partner in the law firm of Saffren & Weinberg and practices in the areas of personal injury and employment litigation.

Jeffrey Schaffer

Jeffrey Schaffer is a partner in the law firm of Saffren & Weinberg and practices in the areas of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, construction, product liability, and medical malpractice claims.

Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan Kaplan is an attorney at the law firm of Saffren & Weinberg and practices in the areas of personal injury, commercial, and collection litigation.

Robert Maizel

Robert Maizel, Esquire is a trial lawyer with over fifteen years of experience. He is an expert at representing seriously injured persons in State and Administrative Courts.

Robert Price

Robert Price has 30 years of Civil Litigation and he has presented hundreds of Arbitrations in Philadelphia and the surrounding Counties.


Philadelphia-Area Personal Injury Lawyers

Our knowledgeable team of attorneys has many years of experience in representing those who fell victim to acts of negligence, leaving them with debilitating injuries and costly medical bills.

At Saffren & Weinberg, we know just how damaging of a toll a personal or work injury can leave on a person’s life. This is why we will do everything in our power to win you the compensation that you deserve.

No case is too big or too small to garner our firm’s representation. Whether you seek reward for a property damage claim or compensation for a slip and fall accident, we will fight for you and win your case.


Have you suffered an injury at the hands of another person’s negligence? We will gather evidence of the pain and suffering that the accident has caused you to prove that you were wronged.


Are you out of work due to an accident that happened on the job? We will guide you every step of the way to win you any lost wage benefits or medical care expenses to help you get back on your feet.


Need to prove that a product or another person was liable for your injury? We will make sure your case is accurately heard in the court of law and prove that the defendant’s actions resulted in your accident.

Ken Saffren is a true professional and he is extremely knowledgeable in all types of civil law. Ken specializes in workers compensation and personal injury plus he’s very helpful and fair in navigating his clients through the legal system.

Cathy Tropiano

I was having a hard time with my case and how it was being handled until “MARK” stepped in and was so upfront with me. He was very caring went out of his way, took his time with me and he is the best lawyer I’ve seen in years.


Awilda Lauraeno

Excellent Attorney’s all around wouldn’t trust anyone else with my legal matters.





Michelle Reed



If you or a loved one has been injured by someone else’s negligence or have questions about filing a claim, contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll assess your case and advise you of your legal rights.


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