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Saffren & Weinberg is a regional Cherry Hill County-based law firm with offices throughout New Jersey. Our team of experienced lawyers is located in Cherry Hill, NJ, minutes from all major bridges and highways and our personal injury attorneys cover the entire state of New Jersey. We meet with clients all over the area —  from Newark to New Brunswick to Jersey City. Whether you meet with Marc Weinberg, Ken Saffren, Jeff Schaffer or Jonathan Kaplan, you can be assured that we have the education, experience, and expertise to help you with your personal injury claim. The law firm’s track record with personal injury cases is top notch.


The Most Common Types of Suits Handled by New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys


The law offices of Saffren & Weinberg provide super lawyers with years of experience and a legal team that is ready to handle serious injury claims from accident victims throughout New Jersey. Our practice areas include:


  • Construction Accidents




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The experienced personal injury lawyers bring justice to our clients who have suffered at the hands of hospitals, insurance companies, and doctors. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. An experienced lawyer will assess your personal injury lawsuit claim and advise you of your legal rights.

Ocean County

We are proud to be a part of Ocean County, a county that is known and loved by all for its beautiful beaches and famous summer attractions. Ocean County was founded in 1850 and has not stopped growing at a rapid rate. It has grown to be New Jersey’s sixth most populated county. Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Ocean County area!


Atlantic City

We are proud to be a part of Atlantic City, one of New Jersey’s biggest tourist destinations. Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Ocean County area!



Saffren & Weinberg fight tirelessly for the best interests of all potential clients in the Vineland, NJ area. Our experienced personal injury attorneys truly are The People’s Voice.


Your Choice for a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer


Our history of leadership within the legal profession, in government and in the region, is central to the practice of law at Saffren and Weinberg. We want to be your “go to” when you need legal advice for any matter, from car accidents to property damage.


Now you could be thinking, they are a small firm and probably don’t have the resources the big law firms do. But our experienced personal injury attorneys take pride in being part of a small but dedicated personal injury law firm because it allows us to be personally involved in your case. We craft a strong attorney-client relationship based on delivering the utmost in legal services. Instead of having an “associate” do the legwork for the attorney, the personal injury lawyers at Saffren & Weinberg meet you face-to-face. We level the playing field for our potential clients when facing large insurance companies, keeping injured people’s best interests at the forefront of every single facet of our client’s case. Our team of experienced lawyers knows every piece of evidence and document that goes into each legal strategy we construct for a personal injury lawsuit — whether it’s medical expenses, medical records, medical bills, insurance coverage, or tort law or the details of monetary compensation from a fair settlement offer. We have access to experts in various fields to get expert opinions and testimonies. If need be, our civil trial attorneys will take a case all the way to the Supreme Court of New Jersey!


Areas We Cover


  • Ocean County
  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Bergen County
  • Hudson County
  • Atlantic City


You can put all the questions about legal fees to rest. The local personal injury lawyers at Saffren & Weinberg work on a contingency fee basis. That means no fee up front. We don’t get paid until our clients win their personal injury lawsuit — whether it’s slip and fall accident cases, medical malpractice claims, wrongful death claims, premises liability issues, product liability claims, or any of the other multitude of practice areas our team of expert lawyers covers. Contact us now for a free case evaluation and find out what Saffren & Weinberg can do for you in terms of effective legal representation.



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At Saffren and Weinberg, Marc Alan Weinberg, Attorney and Kenneth Scott Saffren, Attorney are partners. The firm’s tagline is “The People’s Voice In Court.” They make themselves available via phone at (215) 576-0100 or by email on the Saffren and Weinberg website....

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At Saffren and Weinberg, Marc Alan Weinberg, Attorney and Kenneth Scott Saffren, Attorney are partners. The firm’s tagline is “The People’s Voice In Court.” They make themselves available via phone at (215) 309-9577 or by email on the Saffren and Weinberg website....

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