Saffren & Weinberg Serving the New Jersey Area

Saffren & Weinberg is a regional Cherry Hill County-based law firm with offices throughout New Jersey. We are located in Cherry Hill, NJ, minutes from all major bridges and routes. We meet with clients all over the area. Whether you meet with Marc Weinberg, Ken Saffren, Jeff Schaffer or Jonathan Kaplan, you can be assured that we have the education, experience, and expertise to help you with your case.

Ocean County

We are proud to be a part of Ocean County, a county that is known and loved by all for its beautiful beaches and famous summer attractions. Ocean County was founded in 1850 and has not stopped growing at a rapid rate. It has grown to be New Jersey’s sixth most populated county. Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Ocean County area!


Atlantic City

We are proud to be a part of Atlantic City, one of New Jersey’s biggest tourist destinations. Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Ocean County area!


Your Choice for Legal Service

Our history of leadership within the legal profession, in government and in the region, is central to the practice of law at Saffren and Weinberg. We want to be your “go to” when you need legal advice for any matter, from car accidents to property damage.

Now you could be thinking, they are a small firm and probably don’t have the resources the big law firms do. We take pride in being a small firm because it allows us to be personally involved in your case, instead of having an “associate” do the legwork for the attorney. We know every piece of evidence and document that goes into each legal strategy we construct. We have access to experts in various fields to get expert opinions and testimonies.


815 Greenwood Avenue Suite 22

Jenkintown, PA 19046-2800

Marc Weinberg Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Social Security Disability

Property Damage




Two Penn Center Plaza
1500 J.F.K. Blvd., Suite 1030
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Kenneth Saffren Practice Areas

Workers' Compensation
Carpal Tunnel Injuries
Wrongful Termination
Back Injuries


1874 East Marlton Pike (Rt. 70)
Suite 3
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003