Saffren & Weinberg is a regional Montgomery County-based law firm with offices throughout Pennsylvania. We are located in Jenkintown, PA, minutes from all major bridges and routes. We meet with clients all over the Delaware Valley. Whether you meet with Marc Weinberg, Ken Saffren, Jeff Schaffer or Jonathan Kaplan, you can be assured that we have the education, experience, and expertise to help you with your case.

Philadelphia County

When founded in 1682, William Penn named the city behind the meaning of the phrase “brotherly love,” due to his hopes for the city to be a place that gives the freedom to worship your beliefs. Now, Philadelphia is a booming metropolitan city that grew from its William Penn roots. Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Philadelphia County area!

Berks County

The amazing history of Berks County lends a hand in how great of a place it is today. Many big cities sit in the heart of Berks County including Reading, Wyomissing, Kutztown, and more! Berks County has always been an inhibitor of the arts and conservation.  Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Berks County area. We can help you with your case!

Bucks County

Bucks County is one of three original counties that were created in Pennsylvania. Home to beautiful scenery, history, and towns, Bucks County is a perfect place to live! Enjoy all that the beautiful county has to offer! Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Bucks County area. We can help you with your case.

Adams County

Adams County is named after the second President of the United States, John Adams. The county was organized on January 22, 1800, in York County. The county government of Adams County is found in the county seat of Gettysburg, where the pivotal battle site of the American Civil War started. Nicknamed the Apple Capital of the USA, it is known as the largest producer of apples in the Commonwealth and the fourth largest in the country!


Beaver County

Beaver County is located northwest of Pittsburgh. The name of the county comes from the English translation the Native American word “beaver”, the favored animal by the locals. The county originated in March 1880 from parts of Washington and Allegheny counties.


Butler County

Named for a Revolutionary War hero, General Richard Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania, dates back to March 11, 1800. The county, according to the 2010 Census, is home to 183, 862 residents, and spans a rectangular plot of land, approximately 790 square miles.


Carbon County

Located in rural Pennsylvania, Carbon County was founded on March 13, 1843, through a combination of Northampton and Monroe Counties. Jim Thorpe is the county seat incorporated January 26th, 1850 named initially Mauch Chunk but renamed as Jim Thorpe after the famous Indian athlete and Gold medalist from the Olympics.


Clarion County

Clarion County sits just a little over an hour outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, making it part of the Pittsburgh Media Market. The county spans over 600 square miles and encompasses several towns.


Columbia County

Located in the north-east section of Pennsylvania, Columbia County is home to 65,952 residents with the median property value of $140,100 and a median household income of $46,952 (2016 dollars). read-more-ssd

Allegheny County

Allegheny is apart of the Pittsburgh, PA Metropolitan area. Allegheny County was named after the Allegheny River, being the first in Pennsylvania to abide a Native American name. Allegheny County was officially established on September 24, 1788, from parts of the Washington and Westmoreland counties. The reasoning behind the county’s establishment was because of the pressure from settlers living in the Pittsburgh area, which became the county seat in 1791.




Bedford County

In the earlier years, in 1750 specifically, Robert MacRay started a trading post in the area which later on would become Bedford. In 1759, Bedford County was established on March 09, 1771, and was an important military frontier for many years. Its mountains are well constructed and rich in minerals, and its valleys are the most fertile.



Cambria County

Located in the heartland of Pennsylvania, Cambria County is a beautiful area with an abundance of natural resources, including two State Parks. In addition to a wide variety of trails, parks, and more, Cambria boasts a wide variety of tourism and businesses. At approximately 70 miles east of Pittsburgh and 140 miles west of Harrisburg, Cambria is well-tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Pennsylvania’s major cities.


Centre County

First discovered in 1764, Centre County Pennsylvania was established on February 13, 1800. The name came from its location, being that it is in the center of Pennsylvania. It is the fifth-largest county in Pennsylvania by area.


Clearfield County

Clearfield County sits in between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, around Punxsutawney. The county spans over 1000 square miles and encompasses several towns and cities, including DuBois. As of the 2010 census, Clearfield County’s expansive domain had a total population of 81,642.


Crawford County

A quaint county located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, the county was established in March 1800, seated in the county seat of Meadville. Named for Colonel William Crawford, a military hero and close friend of George Washington,  Crawford County is filled with beautiful parks and recreational areas for the whole family to enjoy.


Montgomery County

Home to Valley Forge National Historical Park, residents of Montgomery County can enjoy scenic trails and beautiful greenery. Many neighborhoods lie within Montgomery County including Landsdale, Norristown, and Abington Township. Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Montgomery County area. We can help you with your case!

Armstrong County

In honor of John Armstrong, a Continental Congress representative and major general during the Revolutionary War, Armstrong County was named after him in remembrance. Armstrong County was organized on March 12, 1800 from parts of Allegheny, Westmoreland and Lycoming Counties.


Bradford County

Bradford, Pennsylvania was organized and settled in during the year 1823. Around 1879, the county developed into a wild oil center during the Pennsylvania Oil Rush in the late 19th century. The oil has excellent qualities. Some of the qualities of the oils are that the oil is free of asphaltic constitutes, contains traces of sulfur and nitrogen, and superior characteristics for refining into lubricants.


Cameron County

Welcome to the second smallest county in both land area and population in Pennsylvania: Cameron County! On March 29th, 1860, parts of Clinton, Elk, Potter, and McKean counties were combined to establish the 398 square mile area known as Cameron County named after Senator Simon Cameron.


Chester County

Chester was one of the first counties founded by William Penn on August 24, 1682. Bordered by the Susquehanna River, Chester County also boasts beautiful rolling hills and valleys making it a wonderful place to live! Saffren & Weinberg has offices that serve the Chester County area. Let us help you with your case!

Clinton County

Clinton County is an outdoor enthusiasts’ playground located in north-central Pennsylvania. This beautiful county is sandwiched between Erie and Philadelphia, with over a three-hour drive to each

Cumberland County

Initially settled in by Scottish and Irish immigrants in the 1730’s, it was not until the start of 1750 that Cumberland County was formed from Lancaster County.


State College

Welcome to “Happy Valley,” the largest borough in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania located in Centre County, State College. Home to the well-known Pennsylvania State University, State College is the largest settlement in Centre County.


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Our history of leadership within the legal profession, in government and in the region, is central to the practice of law at Saffren and Weinberg. We want to be your “go to” when you need legal advice for any matter, from car accidents to property damage.

Now you could be thinking, they are a small firm and probably don’t have the resources the big law firms do. We take pride in being a small firm because it allows us to be personally involved in your case, instead of having an “associate” do the legwork for the attorney. We know every piece of evidence and document that goes into each legal strategy we construct. We have access to experts in various fields to get expert opinions and testimonies.

Birth Defects & Birth Injuries

Learn about how to distinguish between the two and the different types of birth defects.

Improper Treatment

Learn about the different types of improper treatment and how to determine if you have a case.

Medical Misdiagnosis

Learn how to identify medical misdiagnosis and the different causes of it.



Unemployment and COVID-19 in PA and NJ

Can I Get Unemployment Benefits if I Catch the Coronavirus? Perhaps. If you are out of work because you have COVID-19 or you are home taking care of a loved one who has COVID-19, you may be eligible for PA or NJ unemployment benefits and/or benefits under the federal...

Settlement Awarded $2.5 Million

Saffren and Weinberg attained settlement of 2.5 million for an individual who sustained major injuries as a result of mold exposure

Settlement Awarded $1.6 Million

1.6 Million awarded for a client that was burned to death in a health care facility

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