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Wrongful termination is what happens when your boss or employer fires you for a reason that is against the law. It’s not just federal law that protects employees. Many state laws protect you from wrongful termination as well. In Pennsylvania, employment relationships are defined as at-will employment. This means that the employer or the employee may terminate the relationship for any reason whatsoever or no reason at all.


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Termination of at-will employees can be with a cause or without cause.

But there are still legal exceptions to this status and some terminations of employment are wrongful. Specific examples include:

Protected class. Anti-discrimination laws abound in the United States and this is the most straightforward exception to the at-will situation and it states that employers can’t fire their workers based on that employee’s gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, military status, or age.

Protected activities. This follows along the same lines as a protected class and states that employees can’t be discriminated against by an employer based on their choice to engage in specifically protected activities. Those activities include taking leave from work under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), complaining of Wage Violations by the employer, opposing illegal acts in the workplace, filing a workers’ compensation claim against the employer, reporting safety violations, or whistleblowing claims against the former employer.

Retaliation. This is one of the big ones. Employers can’t fire an employee in retaliation against that employee’s actions. That means an employer can’t terminate an employee for opposing discrimination or participating in an investigation centered on employment discrimination.

Illegal acts. An employer can’t fire an employee for refusing to commit a crime or do something the employee perceives as illegal.

Contractual obligation. An employment contract can stipulate specific reasons that an employer may terminate an employee. However, not all contracts follow the letter of the law. And many employee handbooks do not meet the requirements to form an employment contract. Other instances for a viable wrongful termination claim could involve performance reviews. There are quite a few situations where an experienced employment attorney may help an employee that has been fired for violation of an employment contract after that attorney has had a chance to review the written materials.

Kenneth Saffren Knows How to Help

This is where Kenneth Saffren excels. As one of Pennsylvania’s top Employment Attorneys, Ken is familiar with the variety of legal remedies available to victims of wrongful termination in Pennsylvania. So depending on that employee’s situation, a fired worker may be able to pursue a lawsuit and file a claim against their employer to seek damages for things including lost wages, benefits, emotional distress, and more.

How to Know if You Have a Wrongful Termination Case

Wrongful termination lawsuit claims, however, are difficult to prove. And that’s why these legal issues often require the assistance of an employment law attorney that will focus on the practice area of employment litigation. A wrongful termination attorney has your best interest and your legal rights in mind. Their legal advice can help you with punitive damages, back pay, and more.

Do any of these statements apply directly to you?

  • I was wrongfully fired.
  • My boss fired me for no good reason.
  • I was fired because of my sexual orientation.
  • My manager is a racist and fired me because of my race.I want to sue for wrongful termination.
  • My supervisor fired me because I would not have sex with him.
  • I lost my job because my new boss wanted a younger workforce.
  • My company fired me because I filed a Workers’ Compensation claim.
  • I was fired when I asked for a disability accommodation.
  • I was fired while I was on FMLA medical leave.
  • My company refused to hold my position when I was called up for active military service.
  • My boss wrongfully terminated me when I reported safety equipment violations to OSHA.
  • The new manager said that he did not trust Arabs and fired me.
  • As soon as I told my job that I was pregnant, my company fired me.
  • I was fired for reporting race discrimination.
  • I was fired after I was interviewed by the EEOC and confirmed that there was gender discrimination at my company.
  • My boss fired me after I refused to falsify information to the government.
  • The staffing company that I am paid by ended me because the company I was assigned to did not want any of “those people.”

If so, and you’ve been fired from your job, you should call employment lawyer Kenneth Saffren for a free consultation to discuss the next steps of your possible wrongful termination case.

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