Robert Maizel

by | Apr 16, 2020

Trial Lawyer

I became a trial lawyer to help people; to represent the injured or aggrieved person. Robert Maizel, Esquire has over fifteen years experience as an expert trial lawyer.

My passion is to represent people who have been the victim of sexual abuse, sexual discrimination, abuse in a foster care home, subjected to discrimination at work, or just injured. As many people know, I am an avid marathon runner and a former USCF Category Bicycle Racer. My passions also are seeded in representing people who are injured on a bicycle, injured running, or even injured while in a gym.

I represent people in the State and Administrative Courts of Pennsylvania, have successfully tried cases to multi-million dollar verdicts, and have settled multi-million dollar actions. I represented Norman Monroe against Mercy Hospital and obtained a $3,350,000.00 verdict after a 5 day trial in front of 12 jurors.

My focus is to represent seriously injured persons in State and Administrative Courts, to represent persons who have been abused, and to represent persons who have been terminated or subjected to adverse employment decisions by their employer. Mr. Maizel is at home in the Court Room.

Robert Maizel’s practice also involves appeals from the trial Courts to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania where he has been successful in having the Trial Court overturned.




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