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When you get into a car accident, your life changes. You could be out of work for weeks due to your injury and have to get your car repaired – or replaced. Whether it’s only a “fender bender” with minor injuries or a more serious accident with major or life-threatening injuries, you will spend a great deal of time and money dealing with insurance companies. Not to mention the pain and suffering you will have from your injury (or injuries). Immediately after the accident, you will need to file an insurance claim (if necessary). An insurance claim and lawsuit are not the same. An insurance claim is filed first and can progress into a lawsuit.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey are no-fault auto insurance states. This means that you’ll make a claim with your insurance company regardless of fault. You can sue the other driver only if your claim meets the “serious injury threshold” when your medical expenses exceed the amount your auto insurance company would pay.

At Saffren & Weinberg, we know auto insurance laws and can get your best settlement, usually without going to court. When the insurance company disputes your claim and tries to, we have the experience and experts (i.e., accident reconstruction) to prove fault.

Causes of Car Accidents

Many scenarios can lead to an auto accident, and while some accidents result from carelessness, others are sometimes unavoidable. The most common causes of auto accidents are:

  • Tailgating
  • Distraction (i.e., talking on a cell phone)
  • Intoxication (DUI)
  • Weather Conditions
  • Road Conditions
  • Reckless Driving (i.e., running a red light)
  • Pedestrians (i.e., small children)
  • Animals (i.e., deer)
  • Construction
  • Vehicle Breakdowns

Types of Car Accidents & Injuries

There are many types of injuries sustained from a car accident. The point of impact will cause the most severe injury. The three common types of auto accidents are:

  1. Rear-ended – When the driver behind you does not stop in time and crashes into the back of your vehicle.
  2. Head-on Collision – When a driver crosses a lane(s) (or is driving on the wrong side of the road) and crashes head-on into your car.
  3. T-Bone – When a driver crashes into the side of your vehicle, causing significant damage to the front passenger and rear passenger (same side) doors.

The most common car accident injuries include:

  • Head & Brain (concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and lacerations)
  • Neck (whiplash, neck strain, and cervical radiculopathy)
  • Back (sprain, fracture, and disc injury)
  • Face (lacerations, broken bones, and bruises)
  • Psychological (emotional distress, anxiety, and depression)

What to Do if You Are in a Car Accident

  1. Call the Police & Insurance Company
  2. Get Medical Help
  3. Take Photographs
  4. Get the Service Number of Police Report
  5. Get Witness Statements


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