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When you buy a product, you have individual inalienable rights as a consumer. The most standard right is to be safe while using the product. Large enterprises have a responsibility when creating products; make them safe for consumers to use. When they fail at this responsibility, and a malfunctioning product hurts you, you should contact an experienced products liability lawyer.

A defective product can significantly put you at risk for an injury. You need an experienced product liability lawyer to help you through this challenging time and pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

Different Product Liability Claims

Product Liability Claims Typically Fall Within Three Categories:

  • Defects in Manufacturing
  • Defects in Design
  • No Failure to Warn

Manufacturing defects, which result in a product liability case, are when a product is made with an error. This results in a product defect that results in either an injury or death. A design defect happens when the safety is not up to par with the standard it should be.

A failure to warn is when the manufacturers of the product do not provide adequate warnings with the product, which would, in turn, caution the consumer of known risks, danger, or side effects. An experienced liability lawyer would have to demonstrate that the defect caused the damage or injury. This often requires expensive and complicated accident reconstruction, engineering, and diligent investigation. It is also essential for the plaintiff to prove that the product was used reasonably rather than negligently.

Compensation Our Product Liability Attorneys Can Pursue

Since every case is different, the amount of compensation you receive will differ from person to person. You can seek compensation for;

  • Medical bills from the injury
  • Lost wages from not working (Because of the injury)
  • Earning capacity Diminished
  • Suffering and Pain
  • Funeral expenses (in the case of a wrongful death)

What Are Your Legal Rights As A Consumer

Product liability is a hard case to deal with. Proving that a product is not safe and that manufacturer is at fault is not an easy task.  These types of litigations take a lot of thorough investigation and follow a strict set of laws that are created by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Recently the Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced new standards for strict liability claims. The previous law focused on the plaintiff’s proof that the product was unnecessarily dangerous. However, the new legislation is not as subjective in the case. According to the law, if you file a liability claim, you must prove that the product is in a “defective condition.”

There are two different ways in which you can demonstrate that a product is in “defective condition”: either that the standard user could not have projected the risk before use, or that the average consumer would have harm from use outweighs the cost of taking precaution.

A consumer, such as you, should keep in mind with the new liability law that it is now more difficult for a plaintiff to gain compensation with the strict liability claims in place. Because of this, it is crucial to have an experienced product liability lawyer by your side to help you.

Justice For Product Liability Victims

If you believe that mislabeled product is the cause of your injury or illness, you may be able to receive compensation for your expenses or lost wages. By consulting with a product liability attorney, you will be helping yourself and others by stopping companies with defective products.

Saffren & Weinberg can help you with your product liability case. Contact us at 215-576-0100 to speak to one of our attorneys and receive your free case evaluation.


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