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We Fight Insurance Companies Over Homeowners’ Insurance Liability

Insurance companies have no problem collecting monthly premiums. Yet, when a homeowner or renter files a claim, they come up with an excuse for why they won’t fulfill the promises in the policy to take care of you in your time of need.

At Saffren & Weinberg, we can help put a stop to insurance companies taking advantage of their clients by wrongfully terminating policies, denying claims, or delaying payments. Our attorneys will make insurance companies realize the additional financial and emotional damage they are causing through their bad faith practices.


Hiring an Attorney for Claim Resolution

Property insurance companies assume property owners will not act to get what is owed to them. They will bully policyholders with confusing jargon or claim they cannot find the policy. Our property and life insurance lawyers have decades of experience in protecting homeowners, renters, and other property owners’ rights. We understand you have worked hard to buy your dream home, the furniture, and electronics in your home or the trailer, for your motorcycles.

The skilled attorneys at Saffren & Weinberg thrive on helping people recover what is rightfully theirs. We will help you understand the claims process, collect proceeds in a timely manner, stay on top of contractual or statutory deadlines and discover evidence to be used in court.

We know you are dealing with other issues while trying to get the payment you need to start over again, such as finding a place to live while your house or apartment is being repaired, replacing valuables due to theft or damage, or helping your family get some type of normalcy after a fire, water damage, tropical storm or catastrophic event. So, let us handle the rest.

We’ll Stand Up for Your Rights

Don’t let insurance companies talk you into dropping a claim or accept a low-ball settlement. We’ll get the compensation due on you and your family’s behalf. We have our own arsenal when it comes to ensuring insurance companies honor their contracts with policyholders. We can easily spot bad faith practices, which are designed to keep insurance companies profitable, as well as the “tricks” insurance adjusters use to deny a claim. We will go over your policy to determine what your insurance company will cover when it comes to property damage (residential structures, unattached structures, and personal property). Please note: flood insurance is not included in a homeowner’s policy. It is usually purchased separately.

Bad Faith Practices

We work tirelessly to get your claim processed quickly by identifying bad faith practices and being prepared to counter them. Some bad faith practices include:

  1. Denying a claim right from the start – no investigation or valid reason.
  2. Refusing to pay a claim in a reasonable time frame.
  3. Making threatening statements via phone, email, or print.
  4. Making baseless requests for information or evidence.
  5. Failing to perform a thorough investigation.
  6. Failing to disclose policy limits.
  7. Offering a low settlement.
  8. Changing the terms of the policy during a claim process.

Many times, insurance companies will claim “wear and tear” to avoid making the full payment. This is evident with claims regarding home foundations and roof repairs. We have our experts to prove them wrong.


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Saffren and Weinberg attained settlement of 2.5 million for an individual who sustained major injuries as a result of mold exposure

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