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If you have a job where dust, dirt and metal particles are airborne, you know the chances of suffering an eye injury are high. It is important to wear safety gear to prevent eye injuries at work, but sometimes accidents happen when you take your safety glasses off for a just a few minutes or even when you have them on.

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 2,000 eye injuries happen every day in the U.S. When you have an eye injury on the job, you need to seek medical treatment right away. As soon as you can, you should contact your employer and put into writing the details of the accident. Eye injuries are complicated workers’ compensation claims. It is recommended that you contact a workers’ compensation lawyer who specializes in work-related eye injuries. They have experience filling out claims as well as dealing with insurance companies who will try to bully you.

Damage to the eye primarily happens to the front of the eye. The front of the eye consists of:

  • Eyelid & Eyelashes
  • Cornea
  • Iris
  • Sclera
  • Lens
  • Conjunctiva

Causes of Eye Injuries in the Workplace

It is important to wear the right eye protection to prevent injury. By law, your employer must provide it to you. Some types of eye protection include safety glasses (with or without shields), goggles, work screens, face shields and welding masks. The causes of eye injuries are:

  • Flying Objects
  • Tools (e.g. staple gun)
  • Particulates
  • Chemicals
  • Welding Flames & Fumes
  • Overexposure to UV rays & Bright Computer Screens

The result of an eye injury can be devastating. They include vision loss (full and partial), chronic pain, distorted vision, disfigurement and non-movement. There are a number of professions that are prone to eye injuries – such as machinists, welders, carpenters, assembly line workers and mechanics. Treatment can range from a bandage to surgery. Depending on the injury, you can be out for a day or a few months, if you are allowed to return to your old job. This is a scary position to be in since you need to pay the bills while in recovery. Workers’ compensation covers your medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses (i.e. prescriptions) and lost wages.

Our team of attorneys knows who and where the big companies are in the greater Philadelphia area and south Jersey. We make it our business to know if they have any safety violations as well as the number of claims filed against them. Let us take care of everything while you focus on getting your vision back.


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