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Injuring your Foot or Ankle at Work

It’s easy to injure your foot and/or ankle anywhere – at the store, in your home, and at work. Athletes injure both when playing contact sports by breaking a bone from being stepped on by another player or spraining an ankle when sliding into home plate. They make large salaries and have excellent health insurance, so they do not worry about being out for the season or paying for out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., physical therapy).

However, a worker who injured their foot and/or ankle at work does have these worries. The foot and ankle are very complex in their moving parts. We take for granted what they allow us to do, such as run, jump, walk and pivot. When we injure one or both, we don’t know how bad the injury is until we seek medical attention. Right after your accident, you need to contact an ankle and foot injury lawyer. At Saffren & Weinberg, we work to protect your rights and get you all the benefits you deserve. We know time is not on our side, so it is vital to collect as much evidence as possible, which includes filing a claim and the amount of recovery needed to get you back to work.

Types of Foot Injuries

The foot and ankle are made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The foot is made up of three sections:

  1. The Forefoot – contains the phalanges and the metatarsal bones.
  2. The Hindfoot – contains the bones that form the arches of the feet.
  3. The Heel – contains bones that form the ankle and heel. It is the location of the Achilles tendon, named after Achilles, the famed Greek mythological hero. The term “Achilles heel” refers to someone’s weakness. It is a tendon, the longest one in the body, stretching from the heel to calf muscles.

Foot injuries on the job include:

  • Punctures – stepping on sharp objects.
  • Crushing – getting the foot caught in machinery.
  • Sprains – from slipping, falling, or tripping.
  • Lacerations – getting cut from a falling object.
  • Burns – splash from a chemical or burn from fire.

They can also be caused by standing for an extended period of time or walking, which can cause the joints of bones to become out of alignment (“flat feet”). Several professions put workers at risk for foot and ankle injuries, including construction, nursing, auto mechanics, and hairstylists.

Types of Ankle Injuries

The ankle is made up of three bones: the tibia, fibula, and talus. The three most common types of ankle injuries are:

  1. Fractures – a broken bone(s).
  2. Sprain – damage to ligaments when stretched.
  3. Strain – damage to muscles when stretched.

Treatment for ankle and foot injuries can range from rest and medications to surgery and physical therapy. It’s easy to mistake a sprain for a fracture since both have pain and swelling and cannot put weight on the foot, which is why a trip to the hospital is needed.


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