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We Fight for Workers Who have Lost a Limb

Loss of a limb is a severe workplace injury since it results in a worker losing a limb as well as a large amount of blood before getting to the emergency room. Doctors may be able to reattach the limb or they may have to amputate it because it is beyond repair. Loss of limb means losing a specific body part: arm, leg, hand, foot, toe and finger. For example, a construction worker loses part of his left hand to a defective table saw.

Along with the months of recovery in the hospital, there are months of physical and occupational therapy. If the worker needs a prosthetic, it is another large expense with countless adjustments. The worker is susceptible to infections and depression as well as “phantom pain,” where the worker feels pain in the limb that was amputated.

The worker must now adapt to a new life full of limitations and doctor’s visits, and the medical, emotional and financial issues that go with it. The worker must now deal with pain management due to the injury. The worker’s family is also affected, especially if he or she has small children. They will have to get used to seeing their loved one without a limb as well as the changes to their daily activities. It is imperative to retain a workmans’ compensation lawyer specializing in loss of limb to file a claim as quickly as possible.cal expenses, rehabilitation and lost wages. You may also be eligible for social security disability insurance. Our attorneys have decades of experience in handling both of these claims.

Workplace Crush & Amputation Injuries

Many severe accidents involve heavy or industrial machines, involving a conveyor belt and rollers. For example, a worker gets his hand caught in a printing press where a finger(s) is pulled under the roller. These injuries are also called “crush” injuries, where a part of the body is crushed to the point amputation is necessary. If there is no amputation, there is still scarring and/or disfigurement and damage to the nerves and/or nerve branches in the injured limb. Other accidents involve smaller machines, such as wood chippers and saws. For example, while feeding branches into a wood chipper, a landscaper gets her hand caught in the wood chipper and ends up with his hand amputated.

No matter the industry, when machinery is used on a daily basis, safety protocols must be followed as well as proper maintenance of the machines must be consistent. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment for his or her employees as well as equipment that maintained and replaced when needed.

At Saffren & Weinberg, we understand the complexities of loss of limb (specific) claims. We will help you get proper medical care and work hard to get you the all the benefits you need to pay for the medical expenses, rehabilitation and lost wages. You may also be eligible for social security disability insurance. Our attorneys have decades of experience in handling both of these claims.


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