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A Brief Discussion on Shoulder Tears

When we are pain-free, we do not give much thought to our shoulders, and their many uses. We tend to go about our business, unaware of each twist and turn of the arm, better spending our cognitive energy on tasks at hand, rather than on each corresponding motion involved in the action.

All of that changes drastically when injured in an accident that damages the muscles, tendons, and bones that make our activities possible. When we are hurt, it becomes difficult to focus on anything beyond ways to relieve the pain; often the suffering is compounded, as we experience emotional stress from costs associated with unanticipated medical expenses or even loss of income.

At Saffren and Weinberg, we are a team of personal injury attorneys, who have helped many people recover losses sustained in shoulder tear injuries that resulted from the negligence of others.

Understanding Shoulder Tears

A rotator cuff is a system of muscles and tendons that cover the bones involved in keeping the humerus (arm bone) attached to the ball and socket of each shoulder.

What is referred to as a shoulder tear is a tear in the rotator cuff, whether partial (pulled away) or full-thickness (a completely severed tendon).

Degeneration, which is often the result of wear and tear due to age, and sports-related injuries are common culprits in the case of shoulder tears; however, such tears can also occur as a result of trauma sustained in an accident, or as a slip and fall injury.

Varying degrees of pain is experienced with shoulder tears; likewise, there is a variation in the level of physical limitation involved with this type of personal injury.

Most often, medical professionals will recommend treatment through physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, the use of heat and ice, and rest. Patients are urged to be committed to the healing process, which can take weeks or months for a strong response, and are advised against participating in activities that will require the use of the affected area.

When an injury is more complicated or severe, however, surgery can often be performed to improve chances of a successful recovery, which ideally results in the restoration of shoulder use.

When Your Shoulder Tear is the Result of Negligence

Loss of income and medical expenses are among the concrete damages that follow a shoulder tear injury. Other losses sustained by such an injury can involve missed work opportunities, cessation of certain recreational activities, and a decrease in the quality of life, among other considerations. When a shoulder tear injury is the result of another party’s negligence, it is important to seek legal counsel.

Estimating damages can be complicated, due to the individualistic nature of injuries, but there are examples and guidelines that good attorneys understand. A personal injury lawyer can guide you through the legal process involved in recovering damages.

When an Injury Occurs at Work

Workers’ Compensation is a common term and refers to the benefits that workers are entitled to when they are injured on the job. If a shoulder injury occurs at work, it is important to immediately report the incident to a supervisor, who will document the situation.

Such benefits as medical bill coverage, temporary disability, permanent disability, and even death benefits (to the families of workers who die from work-related injuries or illnesses), can be provided by the state’s workers’ compensation fund. These benefits, along with their limitations, vary by state.

It is important to report all injuries promptly because, after a designated period (often 30 days), the right to collect workers’ compensation benefits can be lost.  

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