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How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help With Winter Car Accidents


Winter happens to be a pleasant time when you would rather stay at home, bundled in woolens and look forward to the holiday season and all around festivities. Unfortunately, not everyone can hope to do so.

Stepping out and driving somewhere is sometimes unavoidable. When snow lies thick on the ground, and the road is slick and slippery, it can certainly take a toll on your vehicle.

The risks of encountering a mishap increase substantially especially if your car hasn’t been maintained properly! As a result, your insurance rates go up.

You may also need to get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney if you find yourself involved in a major crash. The freezing conditions on the road will affect your car as much as you. Beware of the dangers ahead and winter-proof your vehicle effectively. This will help you avoid an auto accident along with the associated complexities saving you time, money and unnecessary headaches.

Here are some simple tips that will keep you safe and secure despite the lowered visibility and chilly conditions outside.


  • Car Battery – The battery of your vehicle is likely to lose power steadily once winter sets in. The low temperatures and the sub-zero levels of mercury affect your battery adversely as well. Try to check your car’s battery before driving to ensure that it is operational and performing properly. Do not hesitate to contact your local garage for a mechanic who can test the battery to make sure it hasn’t gone bad and is adequately charged. Many auto stores such as Autozone and Advance Auto Parts can do these tests for free.


  • Winter Wipers – Being caught in a snowstorm is no fun either. You will need a good set of wiper blades to clear your windshield during snowstorms. Cleaning your windshield can be difficult when the ice hardens due to the buildup of ice and snow over its surface, especially when you want to start your car up in the morning. You are likely to have an easier time by investing a few dollars on a pair of special wiper blades that will help you to see what lies forward. Car technicians also recommend using a car wash fluid that contains an antifreeze element.


  • Tires – It helps to check the set of tires before venturing out on the road. Remember that tires will lose their pressure as the temperature goes down. So, make sure that all the tires of your car have the right tire pressure at the onset of winter. Even a slight imbalance is likely to make your car skid which could cause an accident. You might need the services of a personal injury attorney to set things right in case you are involved in an accident.


  • Eyes Ahead– Do not get distracted while driving on a lonely stretch of road. The way ahead is likely to be precarious in winter requiring total concentration while driving. Do not take calls or read messages en route your destination. Nodding off is another danger that can result in a car crash, so keep yourself awake and keep your eyes firmly on the road at all times.


  • Emergency KitPrepare a kit to carry in your car while you get ready to drive long distances in winter. Make sure that you have everything including jumper cables, ice picks, a flashlight, duct tape and other essentials. The articles are likely to keep you in good stead if you encounter any trouble on a long stretch of road.


It might also come in handy to keep the contact numbers of national towing services or roadside assistance handy. It is impossible to predict the winter conditions accurately, and you may find the ride fraught with difficulties. It is best to remain prepared for all eventualities.

In spite of all the planning, there could be times when you could be part of an accident for no fault of your own, unfortunately.  Although, your health and treatment for any injuries should take precedence at that moment, do not forget to contact a car accident lawyer in your town soon after though. A skilled attorney will help you out by obtaining reimbursement for medical expenses as well as for the expenses incurred to repair your vehicle. The lawyer will also be able to make good your claim by settling the matter in your favor.

If you were involved in a winter car accident, Saffren & Weinberg understands that you’re going through a lot. Give us a call at (215) 576-0100 and let us handle your auto accident claim.


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