Settlement Awarded $380,000

Settlement awarded on behalf of sanitation employee who suffered a severe shoulder injury which required surgery after slipping on an oily driveway. Jeff Schaffer resolved the case in mediation.
Settlement Awarded $238,000

Settlement Awarded $238,000

Plaintiff sustained an injury to the spinal cord when her vehicle was struck by a passing vehicle. The court ruled that defendant acted recklessly, was at fault for the collision, and awarded client 238,000 in the settlement.
Settlement Awarded $238,000

Settlement Awarded $250,000

Client sustained severe, permanent injuries when he fell 8 feet from a ladder. Defendant acted negligently by providing unsafe working conditions and failing to warn plaintiff of potential dangers.
Settlement Awarded $150,000

Settlement Awarded $318,500

Plaintiff sustained a hip fracture and other complications when defendant tripped and knocked her to the ground at a treatment center. Plaintiff had to undergo surgery and extensive physical therapy and now walks with a gait.