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Auto Accident Lawyer: What You Need to Know About Driving in the Fog

You have to be one of those rare ones if you like driving in the chilly winter mornings. If the icy conditions were not already playing spoilsport; in most urban areas fog is a major safety issue for driving.


Fog can be really dangerous for drivers. While it is best to avoid driving in such a climate, sometimes it is not possible to avoid it altogether. Sometimes, the weather is fine when you start from home, but on the way, the weather can play truant. Hence, as a driver, you should know about the precautions you can take while you drive in the fog.


Fog and auto accidents

Fog is nothing but an earth-level cloud that contains tiny water droplets. Since roads are not clearly visible in foggy conditions, there is a high chance of road accidents, and that is why driving during fog can be extremely dangerous.


The cloudy atmosphere makes it difficult for drivers even to spot vehicles right ahead or the surroundings. It also affects travel time which can lead to disruption in traffic flow. Some drivers may react sensibly while some may get impatient leading to irresponsible driving.


Statistics tell us a lot. Weather conditions caused around 1.25 million auto accidents in the period 2004-2013, according to the Federal Highway Administration, of which around 28,533 accidents were attributed to fog.


Thus, if you are compelled to drive during fog, then you should be very careful and also follow safety rules.


Safe driving in the fog

Avoid accidents and ensure your safety by following some basic safety pointers. Here are a few:

Concentrate: Ensure that your complete attention is on the road. Switch off the music and request your co-passengers to remain quiet and not to distract you. Since the visibility is low, you will have to use all your concentration to focus on the road and driving.


No high beams: Many drivers switch on high beams thinking that it will give them clearer vision. It’s a myth. In reality, what happens is the opposite. The high beams cause the light to reflect back on your car impairing your vision further, leading to a chance of a car accident. That is the reason while driving in the fog, you should only use low beams.


Drive slowly: Since you don’t have clear site and can’t judge the road ahead, it is better that you slow down. Also, when your speed is reduced, you can bring the car to an immediate halt if a vehicle or person suddenly comes in front of your car out of the fog.

Keep a certain speed limit which is neither too fast nor too slow. Going too slow can cause obstruction to other drivers.


Use the right side of the pavement: When you use the right side of the road marked in white as your guide, you can drive safely and keep your distance from the oncoming traffic.


Switch on hazard lights: Low beams serve right while driving in the fog but if you are not too confident about it, you can switch on the hazard lights also.


Pull over if need be: If the fog conditions are extreme, it is better to pull over instead of continuing to drive along the unclear road. Put on the hazard lights and just wait for the weather to clear. Your safety is more important than the need to reach on time.


Where not to stop: If you have pulled over, then ensure that you are not stopping on the roadway or on the shoulder of the road. Stop the car at some place away from the road. The farther away from traffic you can stop, the better. Also, remember to switch off the lights so that you do not misguide other vehicles.


If at all, you happen to be a victim of an accident due to fog, you can seek compensation under personal injury law.  Having a lawyer to help you out can ensure you navigate the complex auto accident law process smoothly. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather all the evidence and papers necessary to build a strong case for you.


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