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You read about accidents almost every day in the news, but did you know that motorcycles constitute a higher number of accidents than any other vehicles? According to statistics from the NHTSA or the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released in 2006, the rate of fatal crashes involving motorcycles is 72.34 for every 100,000 registered units. The fatality rate is also higher in case of motorcycle accidents.


It is not possible to eliminate all of the elements that could go wrong for an accident to occur. Although, when it comes to motorcycle accidents, fatal head injuries can be prevented if the rider wears a helmet. This was a fact proven by a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania. It stated that in 2003 when the state abolished the motorcycle helmet law, head injuries caused due to motorcycle crash were up by 78 percent.  If you happen to be in an accident involving your motorcycle or have been hit by one, then you should speak to a personal injury lawyer to help you with the accident claim.


A helmet is a necessity for bike riders, but the question is how do you choose one. You have to ensure that you pick the best helmet which fits your purpose. Here are some tips to help you choose one that protects you and is also comfortable.


Important points to look out for when you buy a helmet


The purpose: The first question is what kind of riding you intend to do? For daily use, you should look for a helmet that is comfortable with great dynamics. It should also decrease the wind noise.


For group bikers, a helmet that has built-in communication devices could be handy for better communication with fellow bikers. If you are into drag racing or competitive biking, then you will need top-rated helmets which offer higher degrees of protection.


Features to look for: The material used for the shell contributes to the comfort and weight of the helmet. It could be made from various materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, polycarbonate or EPS foam among others.

Of these, carbon fiber is priced the highest. A helmet should be balanced when it comes to weight.

A very heavy helmet would feel uncomfortable even if it offers a higher grade of protection. Generally, the weight of a helmet ranges between 3 to 4 lbs.  

You can also look for features such as the ability to reduce wind noise, communication enhancing devices, integrated sunshade among other things.


Certification: Make sure that the helmet is certified for quality because it guarantees good protection to your head in case of an accident. The three most reliable helmet certifications are Snell, DOT and ECE 22.05.


The helmet styles: Helmets come in various styles, such as the full face helmets, the flip ups that enable more access to your face, the 3/4 helmets that only cover your head only and the half helmets that spread only on your skull. No matter, which style you choose, ensure that they can protect you.


The right fit: A helmet that sits on snug is the right one for you. The shape of your face and size of your head determines what kind of helmet will be the right fit.

The dealer can help you in finding the right fit. The well-fitted helmet is the one that you might have a little difficulty putting on at first but gradually you will get used to it.


Vision and ventilation: Try on your helmet and check if you can see clearly through the shield. It should not fog up instantly.

You also get the ones with an anti-fog coating to ensure clearer vision. Another important point to check is if the helmet provides proper ventilation. It should have enough vents to allow air circulation.


Price: Though you get helmets that fit every budget, you should never compromise on quality. High-quality helmets are expensive and you should get the best one you can afford. It is worth the investment.

Always make it a point to wear your helmet even if you are not going too far. Accidents often occur when you least expect it, but with a good personal injury attorney, you can get some respite in terms of medical bills.


If you were injured because of another person’s fault, then a motorcycle accident lawyer can represent your case in court. Saffren & Weinberg can help you today! For a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer give us a call at 215-576-0100.



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